About Mannok

Mannok is our new brand identity, bringing together our familiar Building Products and Packaging brands. Our Mannok brand is centred around our commitment to our people, our communities and our customers. We take forward with us the same innovative spirit, environmental focus, exceptional service and quality products and solutions.

Who we are and what we do

Our Mission

Providing quality products and excellent customer service is the core of what we do at Mannok.

Manufacturing a full suite of essential building materials and sustainable food packaging solutions, we have a trusted team of very talented people working with our customers and suppliers across the UK and Ireland – from our sales teams, to despatch and delivery, our installation crews and administrative teams, backed by our innovative product developers and designers, and expert technical support, we work as one to ensure the very best for our customers.

We are committed to growing our business through continuous innovation, environmental leadership, and the development of our people.

Sustainability is a core priority for us, manifested in our continuous product and process enhancements and the development of innovative, industry leading solutions, to ensure everything we do is done in the most environmentally responsible way. Also ensuring we build an organisation which will offer sustained and rewarding employment far into the future, nurturing talent and offering our people opportunities to develop their skills and progress their careers to reach their goals.

We are proud of our roots and are focused on the success of our community.

With an almost 50 year heritage in the heart of Fermanagh and Cavan, we are a company deeply rooted in the community here and we now have a wider presence across Ireland and the UK, in many towns and counties, where we have grown our workforce and become a part of their local communities too.

We will always respect and honour our responsibility to these people and these communities and hold in the highest regard the fundamental contribution they make to the ongoing success of our business.

Behind the Mannok Brand

Our new name, like the company itself, is deeply rooted in the region of Cavan and Fermanagh. The word is derived from the gaelic Fear Manach – the origin of ‘Fermanagh’– meaning “People of Manach”. It reflects our enormous pride in our place – our near-50-year heritage, our quality products, and especially, our people.

The name Mannok recognises two of our most valued strengths: our people, the backbone of our organisation and the power behind our successes; and the places and communities where we live and work, from the heart of our business in Fermanagh and Cavan, to every town and village where we have a presence in Ireland and the United Kingdom, the places we all call home.

Acknowledging the crucial role our people and communities play in driving our business forward, we are now respecting the responsibility we have to them by making it part of our name.

We believe the name Mannok is a breath of fresh air in the market. Not only is it memorable – an important consideration for a growing brand – it offers our customers down-to-earth honesty, strength and reliability.

Visually, our new logo combines strength with a deceptive simplicity: dynamic shapes combine to form a unique ‘M’, reflecting the different elements of our organisation that work together to create something more than the sum of its parts.

Our colours were chosen to represent our strength, our energy and our optimism. The colours contain a strong environmental green element– in keeping with our commitment to the environment, and our promise to be environmental leaders within our sector.

Our name is a symbol of our company. We believe it is also a symbol of our commitment – to our customers, our communities, and to each other.

Together, we will make Mannok one of the most trusted brands in our industry.